NFT Watch #AF2

NFT Watch Aerotec Forte ti diver watch #AF1
NFT Watch Aerotec #AF2


8x unique NFT Watches – The watch brand AEROTEC and the passionate watch photographer & art designer WATCHDAVID shows here unique NFT Watches of the real watches AEROTEC Forte ti diver watch. Here you can see number two of eight.

Quick review about this watch: 

When do you ever get the chance to purchase a fairly sophisticated titanium cased dive watch for a very great price? If any watch offers this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, it’s the Aerotec Ti Forte, a tribute to the legendary Porsche Design Ocean 2000 Titan.

The Kickstarter watch from diving specialist Aerotec impresses with a well-matched blend of heritage design and functionality. The diver’s test model that I had the pleasure of wearing is something to behold.

My conclusion: anyone who has been toying with the idea of getting a first or further timepiece made of titanium should take action. Especially fans of the old Porsche Design Ocean 2000 should enjoy this model. The large selection of dial and case colors is also attractive.