January 2022

Back in the 80s David only ever painted pixel art. Donkey Kong & Jungle Hunt excited him a lot, because the 80s were David`s time. Amiga 500, C64 & my beloved ATARI CX2600 console. Today he paint these pixel art of real watches in 64×64 pixels. These are available as a unique NFT file in 256×256 pixels @

Real watches from real watch brands in Pixel Art

Everyone who deals with the topic of NFTs will sooner or later become aware of the CryptoPunks. These more than successful NFTs have been online since 2017. The simplicity of this pixel art has fascinated David since the 80s. So he started to activate his old passion again and started to draw watches on an area of 64×64 & 96×96 pixels. Each watch also exists in real and is now also available as a unique NFT file at OpenSea.

1. NFT Watches WATCHDAVID x AEROTEC Forte ti diver watches

The first collection with Aerotec has been launched. From 15 February 2022, you can buy a total of 8 AEROTEC Forte ti diver watch models on Kickstarter. A reason to recreate these cool diver watches as WATCHDAVID Pixel Art and publish them as a unique NFT.

To the NFT Watch WATCHDAVID x AEROTEC Forte ti diver watches collection